The Rebellion Begins

July 9th 2013

REBELLION final cover




Meet Vin…

“Mallory,” said Vin, sitting on the sofa and putting his feet up on the table, “You know perfectly well that I have never claimed to be a gentleman…”


Welcome to the BLOOD AND FEATHERS site.

The first book in the series, BLOOD AND FEATHERS, is out now (published by Solaris Books) and available from all the usual outlets.

The second book, BLOOD AND FEATHERS: REBELLION is published on July 4th 2013 in the UK, and July 9th in the US / Canada, also by Solaris.

Feel free to poke around a bit, leave a comment and check back from time to time. The idea is that this will become the online home for both books, in time…

The angels are coming: are you ready?