Meet Zadkiel

She could tell he was one of the Archangels, just by looking at him. Something about the way he held his head; about the way he folded his arms across his chest – and looked utterly unfazed by everything happening around him. Admittedly, the sword hanging from his waist and the glowing sigil on his wrist helped.

The symbol was familiar, but even if that hadn’t given him away, the scent that hung around him, cutting through the smoke, probably would have done. He smelled like cut grass and tomato leaves, like old books and poster paint, like tarmac baking in the sun. He smelled like the past, like childhood. Like memories.

She was standing in front of Zadkiel.

Meet Murmur

A tattoo covered the entire lower half of his face: twisting blue lines which seemed to writhe across his skin… and as she watched, one of the tattoos peeled away from his face, reaching towards her.

Too late to turn back now.

The tattooed Fallen threw back his head and let out a howl that sounded more animal than man, and the stand-off was broken.

Meet Adriel

Every one of those names is a life. A life now lost. Some of these souls had none to mourn them, none to remember them. None but me. It is my privilege to do so, just as it was my privilege to care for them in death. These names matter. These ledgers matter.

I will not see them taken lightly.

Meet Alice…

Alice didn’t want to think about that, not at all. It was enough that she had two men standing in front of her talking about angels, and that one of them had a gun and a hipflask. She had so far, while they were talking, been devoting a great deal of energy to not thinking about what any of this had to do with her…

Meet Mallory…

“Ouch,” he said. “That hurt.”

He pulled his hand away and looked down at it crossly, wiping it on his jeans. “I don’t like getting shot. Frankly, it pisses me off.” His wings stretched further out from his back as he leaned over Mickey, clamping his hands down over the arms of the chair and pinning him in place. “And you probably don’t want to piss me off…”

Meet Vin…

“Mallory,” said Vin, sitting on the sofa and putting his feet up on the table, “You know perfectly well that I have never claimed to be a gentleman…”

Meet Gwyn…

Gwyn smiled. “For you? I’ll do my very best.”

A rush of wind blew dust into Alice’s eyes, and she blinked, rubbing her hands across her face. When she looked up again, Gwyn was striding towards Batarel… but he looked different. His suit had disappeared, and in its place was armour: a breastplate strapped over shining mail, and his wings out wide, sparks coursing across the feathers. It only took him a few steps to reach Batarel, whom he knocked off his feet with a single blow to his chin.”

Meet Brieus…

“We’re talking about the Fallen. Of course they’re stupid.” Brieus peered into the eye-socket of a skull. “This guy must’ve been a looker; just get a load of those cheekbones.”

“That’s a woman’s skull, Brieus.”

“Even better. Hellooo.”

Meet A’albiel…

A’albiel was at the edge, looking down. “We will not abandon you…”

Meet Gabriel…

“When the lights go out and the world stops, at the end of time, and there’s nothing left but dust and ash and embers… Gabriel will still be standing there with blood on his hands.”