If you have a question about the book, the characters or the setting, here’s where you can get the answers.

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Q. In the blurb for the first book, Alice says the first thing she thinks of when it comes to angels is guns. Why?

A. You haven’t met Mallory yet…


Q. OK, so Mallory has a gun. What kind?

A. I’m glad you asked. Mallory’s gun is a modern-issue Colt .45 – the M1911A1. So far, he’s not let on where he first got it, or how. But there’s almost certainly a story involved: this is Mallory we’re talking about, after all.


Q. The book’s got angels in it: does that mean it’s a paranormal romance?

A. No, it isn’t. And while I hope you’d enjoy it anyway, if it’s specifically romance you’re looking for I’m afraid you won’t find it here. For full-on PR angels, try Lauren Kate’s Fallen series, Hush Hush or – for something a little different, Angel’s Fury by Bryony Pearce.


Q. Is this book a YA?

A. Technically, not exactly: it wasn’t really written as one. That said, it’s got a lot in common with the older YA that’s out there right now – probably because I actually read a fair amount of YA myself.

There’s a fair amount of, err, “language” but nothing extraordinary. Put it this way, if it were a film, we’d probably be talking about a 15 certificate. (Reassuringly, when Elitist Book Reviews looked at it, they recommended it for 14+ readers) So if you like YA, and you want to read it, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t!


Q. Speaking of films… Or TV…

A. Yeah. I know. I’d love that too. And of course I already have my fantasy casting more or less done! I’m not going to tell you who’s who, though: that’d take half the fun out of it. I love the idea that Mallory, Alice, Vin and all the others look slightly different to everyone – and that none of them are wrong.


Q. Who did the cover artwork? Was it the same artist for both books?

A. That would be Pye Parr, the head designer for Rebellion publishing (which includes Solaris, Abaddon and 2000AD) who’s done the covers of both the books. He also made the interiors all pretty. Pye’s incredibly talented, and he’s also a lovely guy. You can read an interview with him, talking about his job, his process and the Blood & Feathers cover (including all the concepts we threw out!) here.

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