Meet Gabriel…

“When the lights go out and the world stops, at the end of time, and there’s nothing left but dust and ash and embers… Gabriel will still be standing there with blood on his hands.”


Meet Abbadona…

“Even the damned can wish for hope. You’re mine. My last hope. You don’t just abandon your hopes on the riverbank.”

Meet Lucifer…

“I warn you: eleventh-hour repentance is not something I have much patience for…”

Meet Michael…

“I’m a soldier, child. A very good one.

And I was right.”

Are you ready for Rebellion?

Follow-up to much anticipated debut Blood and Feathers announced

Solaris is delighted to announce that it has acquired the follow-up to the much anticipated debut novel from Lou Morgan, Blood and Feathers, which is to be released in August of this year.

The sequel, Rebellion, is due to be released in August 2013.

Rebellion will continue in Morgan’s fresh post-Milton world of gun-toting angels, demonic plots, and a heroine whose life is torn apart in the battle between heaven and hell!

The angelic war has spread, and violence erupts across the globe as the Fallen’s influence grows.

As an army of the Fallen walk the Earth, the Archangel Michael is determined to destroy Lucifer once and for all – whatever the cost… and Alice and the angels will be called on to sacrifice more than they ever imagined possible.

The Fallen will rise.

Trust will be betrayed.

And all hell will break loose…

Blood and Feathers is already garnering attention and praise from across the industry, with Sarah Pinborough describing it as “dark, enticing and so sharp the pages could cut you, Blood and Feathers is a must-read for any fan of the genre”, while Philip K Dick award-winner Michael Marshall Smith said it was “a hell of a ride, but heaven to read: eerie, compelling and very funny”.

“When you discover a debut author of such strength and range, as I did with Lou, it’s always a great privilege to bring them to the wider world,” said Jonathan Oliver, editor-in-chief of Solaris. “Blood and Feathers is a brilliantly original novel, that is both affecting and witty. Rebellion promises to raise the bar even higher.”

Read the press release on the Solaris Books blog.


Welcome to the BLOOD AND FEATHERS site.

The first book in the series, BLOOD AND FEATHERS, is out now (published by Solaris Books) and available from all the usual outlets.

The second book, BLOOD AND FEATHERS: REBELLION is published on July 4th 2013 in the UK, and July 9th in the US / Canada, also by Solaris.

Feel free to poke around a bit, leave a comment and check back from time to time. The idea is that this will become the online home for both books, in time…

The angels are coming: are you ready?


BLOOD AND FEATHERS has received some lovely blurbs from several incredibly talented authors, and I really can’t wait any longer to share them…

“A hell of a ride, but heaven to read: eerie, compelling and very funny.” -Michael Marshall Smith

“It’s a challenge to take concepts older than the calendar and make them seem new. Louise Morgan has done just that. How to describe this, her debut novel?  Bloody Heavenly!”– Guy Adams

“Dark, enticing and so sharp the pages could cut you, Blood and Feathers is a must-read for any fan of the genre.”- Sarah Pinborough

“A storming debut! Lou Morgan writes with confidence, style and verve. Who would have thought that going to Hell could be so much fun? A must read.”  – Mike Shevdon

“Dark, surreal and wickedly funny, Lou Morgan’s reimagining of the war between Heaven and Hell mixes angels, alcohol and ammunition to serve up a joy of a read.” – Tom Pollock

Thank you so much!

Speak of Angels…

… and then they appear.

Here it is, in all its completed glory: the final cover for BLOOD & FEATHERS

I’m really incredibly pleased with the way it’s turned out: it’s a perfect match for the feel of the book – and I can’t wait to see it in real life!

Cover art is in!

The final version of the BLOOD AND FEATHERS cover art is in!

You’ll have seen the first draft, which looked a little like this…

Original artwork draft by Simon Parr


… and the final version is even better. We’ve made one or two tweaks – and you’ll be able to see them soon.

But not quite yet…

“Blood and Feathers” now available for pre-order…

“Blood & Feathers” is now available to pre-order via and

Run if you can, walk if you must… fly if you wish.